How To Cope With Sugar Cravings - Make The Cravings Work For You!

Updated: May 23, 2019

Woman eating ice cream

So how do you cope when you get those sugar cravings?

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and are addicted to sugar then you know better than anyone just how hard it is to deny yourself a ‘sweet’ treat when that all consuming craving hits.

Sugar has been shown to be more addictive that cocaine in lab tests with rats, so don’t be surprised if you feel the cravings gnawing away at you.

The good news it, you can turn that craving to your advantage.

Picture this...

Say it’s 4pm or 8pm or whenever you get that desperate pang for something sweet... just take a moment, sit quietly, and listen to your mind and body.

It is screaming out for sugar in order to redress the slump you created with your last sweet fix.

Now is the time to focus and realise just why you need to break this cycle.


  • Is the desire overwhelming?

  • Is it all encompassing?

  • Does it feel like it you’d give anything for a handful of sweets/a donut/an icecream/bar of chocolate?


I know the feeling!

We all have those moments, many of us on a daily basis. They’re so common place throughout our days, that we give in to them over and over.

It's just a natural part of our world now where we get a craving and we go and eat something sweet

Sugar is controlling us and many of our decisions without us actually stopping to think about what’s really happening!

The good news is you can use that sensation to your advantage, because the more you crave sugar the more it shows just how bad your addiction is.

Like any addict, the first and most important stage is realising that you are an addict! The most dangerous part of any addiction is denial.

So use those cravings, listen to them, be still for a moment, be mindful, and tell yourself this is not normal.