A Sugar Free Diet - Am I Really 'Giving Anything Up'?

Updated: May 23, 2019

Sugar in the bin

I don't know anyone who would look forward to giving something up - do you? It always sounds like you'll be missing out!

And admittedly, going on a sugar free diet can sound scary.

In fact, giving anything up can sound daunting.

Sugar affects our dopamine levels, which creates the pleasure sensation in our brain, so giving up anything that gives us pleasure really doesn't sound fun!

But trust me, quitting sugar could be the best thing you ever do - you just need to overcome some simple chemical reactions first!

I had my head planted firmly in the sand (or the sugar bowl!) for years, thinking I'd be missing out on all sorts of lovely sweet treats, but what I didn't realises was the pro's far outweigh the con's, and it really, really is worth it!

And don't forget, you're not alone, addiction to sugar is a global phenomenon, and although excess sugar really isn't good for us, we can't seem to help eating or drinking the stuff!

The pleasure we get from eating something sweet is twofold - by releasing dopamine and by also cancelling out insulin craving - but both of these are very short lived.

So to overcome your sweet tooth you need to swap the 'immediate' for the 'longer term' and before you know it you'll realise that you aren't 'giving anything up', you're gaining so much more!

Here's the truth

By cutting down on eating excessive amounts of sugar, your gains will far outweigh any perceived losses.

You will quite simply be healthier.

You will have more energy, and with more energy you can do more with your life.