The Best New Years Resolution Ever - Kick The Sugar Habit!

fit woman

There's so much pressure when it comes to making a New Year's Resolution that I used to find myself doomed to fail before I'd even started!

But like anything, the end goal is made up of the little victories.

Working towards the daily wins builds confidence and esteem, creating a psychological landscape of 'the possible'.

Resolve and the Resolution

Don't forget a resolution is not about giving something up, its about giving you something back.

When you approach your resolutions this way you are much more likely to succeed.

When you can see yourself meeting the little daily goals, it inspires you to continue.

Suddenly your overall goal is achievable and you feel in control.

After weeks of parties, over indulgence, and constant binging on food and booze, it's small wonder by the time January rolls round we're desperate for a clean living lifestyle and all guns blazing, ready start an epic detox.

But how many people are still so eager come the 1st February?

It's all about approach and making realistic resolutions.

Did you know that the most common New Years Resolutions are:

  • Losing weight.

  • Getting more exercise.

  • Stopping smoking.

  • Saving more money.