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Hi there, I'm Leisa and welcome to Make Me Sugar Free.

I'm an author and a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I gave up sugar at the start of 2016 and have made this blog to help other people break the sugar addiction cycle and help you on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle  


It’s packed with affordable, easy to make and tasty family sugar free meals as well as extensive tips and advice on how to quit sugar for good and break the cycle of sugar addiction.

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So Why Did I Create This Blog?

There were so many reasons why I wanted to create this blog – not least of all because I am an out and out food obsessive! Food is just such good fun. What greater simple pleasure than sitting in good company eating amazing food?


I still get such a buzz out of creating something out of absolute basics and I love that with the same ingredients you can cook a whole myriad of dishes.  With cooking there’s always something new to learn and try out.

I Just Love Cooking!


Cooking for family and friends is one of my favourite pastimes.  In the mayhem of my life running a celebrity management agency, I find huge comfort in being home and cooking delicious, healthy meals for my family. 


I continuously get inspired in the kitchen knowing that what I cook for them directly impacts on their health and wellbeing. 


Another major factor for wanting to give up sugar and ultimately leading me to create this blog was my health.  While I was convinced I was healthy, my recurring and worsening symptoms gave a much more truthful depiction of my lifestyle. 

I Was Addicted To Sugar

I have been all too aware of the colossal impact of sugar on health. My first full time job after completing my university degree was at the National Health Service (NHS) working on award winning campaigns, promoting healthy lifestyles.


One of the main campaigns was centred around quitting sugar and despite knowing all its ugly side effects, it still didn’t stop me from eating it… because I was addicted to it. 


And it would seem that sugar addiction is a growing epidemic throughout the Western Hemisphere, contributing to an avalanche of health related conditions including Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

I Saw Sugar As A Reward

I’ve been forever espousing holistic remedies and the benefits of healthy eating and have studied nutrition for years, but as much as I was doing all the right things, I’d negate it by ploughing in to a bar of chocolate, lacing my coffee with sugar or ‘rewarding’ myself with a dessert.

The more I studied nutrition, the more I learned about the lethal, ubiquitous ‘white stuff’ and terrifyingly, research has shown it to be more addictive than cocaine.


The fact that it is peddled to us in various shiny forms or often a hidden ingredient, it’s hardly surprising we’re all teetering on addiction, if not hooked already.


Combined with an arsenal of nutritional knowledge, being faced with growing health problems I knew I had to do something.


I have had worsening endometriosis for the last twenty years and have had several operations to ease the pain associated with the condition.


When I realised that sugar has an impact on endo because of the inflammation it causes along with seriously compromising the immune system I was kicked in to action and I finally quit sugar in early in 2016. (I have written an in depth account of my endometriosis and sugar in a blog post here.)


But not without several years of trying first! Originally I thought I would just simply stop. If only it were that simple! I tried and failed, and finally understood just how addicted I was - and sugar wasn't going to let go easily.


So after literally years of trying different techniques I eventually put together a program that I know works, because it all came from my personal experience, combined with a solid nutritional background.

It's Now A Sugar Free Passion!


Everything I discovered on my sugar free journey prompted me to write the Make Me Sugar Free In 21 Days book, which is a complete guide to quitting sugar for good. 

I also developed an extensive program designed to help you quit sugar. My 21 Day Sugar Detox Program provides all of the help and support you need to kick the sugar habit, allowing you to start making sensible food choices that are not dictated by cravings and addiction.


With a complete program, meal plans, recipes, guided meditation sessions, daily video tutorials and email support, plus charts, cheat sheets and much more, it really is a complete package that will ensure to shake off the sugar shackles!


It’s filled with proven techniques, tips and advice on how to strip sugar out of your life, strategies to help you resist cravings and meal plans filled with tasty sugar free recipes


While it might seem like a big undertaking, the benefits of kicking the sugar habit are many and immediate, including: weight loss, more energy, improved skin, less mood swings, better sleep and a clearer head.


So be good to yourself and ‘eat yourself healthy’.

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