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Cheery Coco Chia

Updated: May 7, 2020

Coconut and chia seed dessert

This little pot of tasty goodness consists of chia seeds soaked over night in coconut water with a splash of rose water.

It's topped with coconut cream whipped together with greek yogurt and topped with cashews and desiccated coconut.

It is unbelievably good!

When I first started on the sugar free road I thought breakfasts would become so boring.

No sugar in my tea, no sugar on my cereal, no bagels with jam... oh the horror!

But by the end of the first week of kicking the sugar habit I was already free from these morning cravings!

I very quickly noticed a pattern that I had tried to ignore... all my previous breakfasts set my day up on a vicious cycle of sugar and caffeine.

Eating my former breakfasts, I would be floored by 11am and hitching back on the sugar wagon for another sugary snack fix and a coffee laced with sugar.

Then after lunch I'd be hit by another slump at 3pm. Sometimes the 3pm slump would be so bad, I would nearly fall asleep on at my desk.

So of course more coffee's were needed.

By the evening I'd feel jangly, tired but unable to rest, hyper but unable to concentrate.

And as tired as I might have been, I would never have a restful night's sleep.

My adrenals and liver must have been working over time and the physical signs were all starting to show and manifest.

The day I changed my breakfast habit and kicked out sugar, I immediately felt better.

Energy level's, moods, concentration, improved sleep, less painful periods... the list goes go on.

Aside from the very many health benefits, I found myself eating absolutely delicious breakfasts... they tasted so good, I was sure I must have been doing something wrong!


(serves 2)

1/2 cup Chia Seeds

half cup of Coconut Water

small tin of Coconut Cream

4 tablespoons of Greek Yogurt

2 x of Desiccated Coconut

handful of Cashew Nuts

1tsp Rose Water


Soak the chia seeds in the coconut water and rose water in two glasses, then leave overnight in the fridge. Whisk together coconut cream and greek yogurt.

Top the soaked chia seeds with the coconut cream and yogurt and sprinkle with the cashews and desiccated coconut.

If you would like to quit sugar for good and regain control of your food choices, you can transform your life with my 21 Day Sugar Detox Program.

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