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There Are Now 124 Million Obese Children Worldwide

Child with sugar

A story in The Guardian reveals that childhood obesity is soaring across the world.

The condition has been increasing more than tenfold over the past four decades, putting many millions at risk of poor health and an early death, according to the biggest ever analysis of the data.

The new study by Imperial College London, which was published in the Lancet medical journal, shows that in 1975 there were 5 million obese girls, but by last year there were 50 million.

In the same period, obesity in boys has risen from 6 million to 74 million.

And the news is just as bad for people who really should know better - in 1975 there were 100 million obese adults in the world, but by last year that had gone up to 671 million.

These are really scary stats, and are linked to the increase in sugar consumption across the globe, which is then triggering previously unheard of levels of Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes is just one of the many health risks associated with excessive sugar consumption.

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You can read the full Guardian story here.

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