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Kellogs To Cut Sugar In Childrens Cereal By Up To 40%

Kellogg rice krispies boxes

The cereal giant has decided to cut the amount of sugar in it's three top selling kids cereals by between 20% and 40% by the middle of next year.

Breakfast time is an absolute minefield if you are trying to be sensible with your sugar intake for adults, let alone for children.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend that adults eat no more than 7 teaspoons (25g) of sugar if you are a woman and 9 teaspoons (35g) if you are a man.

The numbers are even lower for children, with a recommended daily allowance dependent on the child's age.

4-6 year olds should have no more than 5 teaspoons (19g).

7 -10 year olds should have no more than 6 teaspoons (24g).

From 11 years old the maximum allowance should be 7 teaspoons (30g)

With childhood obesity on the rise and with more and more of packaged food in supermarkets containing high levels of sugar, it's no wonder that sugar consumption is such a worry for parents.

So it's great to see such a major cereal manufacturer understanding the importance of lower sugar consumption.

A spokesman for Kellogs UK has said that the company recognised "people are eating too much sugar at breakfast and throughout the day".

Read the full story here.

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