Sugar Free Chocolate Cookies

Updated: May 7, 2020

Sugar free chocolate cookies

I can't begin to tell you how good these are.

You can't buy cookies as tasty as these - the minute you try one you'll be making them every week.

The cookies have no added sugars and are the perfect go to when you’re feeling the need for a sweet snack.

They are beyond delicious, rich tasting and filling.

Being made of REAL ingredients and no hideous inverted sugar syrups, hydrogenated fats or sweeteners and your body recognises what it is it’s eating too.

These wouldn't be suitable to make (or eat!) during a sugar detox, but once you're back in control of your sugar, they are a healthier sweet treat.

The sweetness comes from the dates which are high in fibre content, allowing for a longer, slower release of the natural sugars.


60g unsweetened cocoa powder

100g fresh dates (remove the stones)

40g rolled oats

30g desiccated coconut

30g ground almonds

1 tbsp cacao nibs or 60g unsweetened cocoa powder