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Frozen Yoghurt Fruit Bombs

Updated: May 7, 2020

These fun sized yoghurt fruit bombs are an ideal treat on a hot summers day. With no added sugar, they satisfy with the goodness of fruit. The recipe is at the bottom of the blog, explaining just how easy they are to make, so much so that I took a load on a recent camping trip...

Ireland, for all it’s breathtaking beauty, is not known for it’s sunny weather, but the minute the sun shines, it is truly one of the most astoundingly beautiful places on earth!

It’s beauty literally erupts in the sunshine and when we moved here we vowed whatever we were doing, whenever the sun shines, we would down tools and take off for the day to bask in all it’s glory and make the most of it.

So when the weather on my phone displayed the anomaly that was a continuous row of sunshine we were packed up and taking off in the motorhome (or Mo-Ho as we call it!) quicker than you could say ‘grab the umbrella’.

A heart beat later, a motorhome packed to the gills with camping essentials and giddy teenage girls, we were pitching up at the beach in Achill Island, with enough supplies to stay long enough to eek out every last dapple of sun!

Sugar Free frozen yoghurt fruit bombs

Word got round and soon enough the whole extended fambo joined us - sisters, nieces, nephews, husbands (not all mine!) and friends were pitching up.

Aside from the typical stresses of camping like the obvious setting up tents, which I have to admit, I mostly observed from the comfort of the mo-ho, there is something so magical about camping.

I love sitting outside during the long evenings, watching the sun-set turn in to the night sky, being so close to the beach you can hear the waves when the campers bed down for the night. It is genuinely my idea of luxurious living.

Sans midges. Seriously, what is their purpose? The little micro nuisances, I’m still covered in bites form them a week later...

Achill has become one of our favourite spots because it literally has everything you could possibly want from camping. It's the most westerly point of Ireland and is revered for it’s incredible beaches that are littered with shells and miles of golden sands.

Keel beach Achill County mayo

Keel Beach - Achill, County Mayo

It's also formed upon Amethyst, which can be found abundantly all over the island. Achill’s rugged landscape abruptly stops at some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe and in other places rolls in to the most idyllic beaches with turquoise clear waters and coves.

Seals are regularly spotted and for those lucky enough, you’ll spot the dolphins courting along the shores and maybe even a basking shark. Unsurprisingly, it’s a surfer's paradise and is home to tons of surfing schools, that I am yet to avail of!

That being said every morning I’m there, whatever the weather or temperature, I love nothing more than chucking on a bikini and running in to the Atlantic Ocean.

It is always freezing and every time I plunge in, I vow I’ll wear a wetsuit the next time, but two minutes bobbing about in the chilly waves and you fully acclimatise and soak up natural goodness of everything the Atlantic Ocean brings forth.

It is without doubt the most immersive, positive and cathartic way to start the day…mainly because whatever your day throws at you, you can always remind yourself you just survived hypothermic waters!!

No camping trip is complete without al fresco dining - and the perfect time to get your BBQ game on. The campers diet is ideal for the 'sugar free’ dieter and couldn’t be easier. I have lots of jars with various spice blends from Bravas, harrisa, cajun, tandoori you name it, stashed in the mo-ho to make every camping meal a beast.

These spice blends are camping essentials, super easy to make at home and store and they will make every meal taste divine.

Sugar Free frozen yoghurt fruit bombs

Because we were remote enough and we were travelling with a teenage crew, I knew they’d all like something ‘tasty' after dinner. So I made up 'frozen yogurt fruit bombs’. These little guys are the most simple things to make, they store really well and they travelled really well too.

When I popped them out in the evening they were lapped up! These were made in a hurry and just to demonstrate how easy they are to make, they weren’t even frozen when I put them in to the mo-ho’s mini freezer compartment.

They chilled and froze while we drove! Seriously, how many desserts can you name that look after themselves, don't have added sugar and taste amazing!!??

So here’s what I did…

I chose my fruits - which were blackberries and raspberries, because they have the lowest naturally occurring sugars but big in taste.

Separately, I then I whizzed the blackberries in a blender until smooth and pureed, then poured the puree in to a bowl. I repeated exactly the same for the raspberries, whizzing them and pouring the pureed mixture in to another bowl.

I spooned the blackberries in to an ice cube tray, filling each hole a 3rd of the way up with the fruit puree. I then topped each hole with full fat yogurt.

Then I did exactly the same with the raspberry puree. I filled three ice cube trays with the mixture.

I popped them in the freezer and served when frozen. I popped them out when we were ready to eat them.

They should be eaten as soon as they’re served!


1 medium punnet of raspberries - (you can use less or more depending on your preference)

1 medium punnet of blackberries (as above)

1 x 500 grams of full fat or greek yogurt.

If you would like to quit sugar and regain control of your food choices you can transform your life with my 21 Day Sugar Detox Program.


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