Gooey Chocolate Caramel Rice Puff Squares

Chocolate Caramel Rice Puff Squares

Gooey gorgeousness right here with these chocolate caramel rice puff squares. The base has a little crunch and the centre is a delicious, soft caramel topped off with chocolate. I snuck in a couple of dried strawberries because I had them. That’s totally optional!

This is such a simple recipe, there’s just a little waiting tome involved, but worth every second of the wait.

Tahini is a power house of nutrients and it gives a lovely creamy nutty flavour to this caramel sauce. Healthy and delicious

Chocolate Caramel Rice Puff Squares



2 cups of brown rice puffs

100g sugar free chocolate

10g melted coconut oil

1tsp vanilla

Caramel centre

1/2 cup tahini paste