Does Sugar Make You Look Older?

Updated: May 23, 2019

Did you know that your sweet tooth can have a direct affect on how old you look?

Most people know that too much sugar is bad for your waistline, but not so many know that sugar can directly effect how you age and that sugar can have such a negative affect your skin.

Here's how sugar makes you look old:

  • The elastin in our skin keeps it 'elastic'.

  • The collagen in our skin keeps it plump and 'youthful'

  • Sugar spikes cause an outburst of inflammation within the body.

  • The inflammation releases enzymes which break down the elastin and collagen.

  • Reduced elastin and reduced collagen makes the skin look 'thin', saggy, and causes wrinkles, making you look older.

We are constantly hearing about new beauty treatments, hacks and lotions, all claiming to preserve our youth and there’s clearly big desire to to maintain a younger appearance.

We are so obsessed with our looks that global cosmetic skin care industry is worth an estimated $130 billion a year, and the daily skin care routines throughout our lives are testament to that!

But what if we are spending all of that money and time trying to protect our youth from the outside, when we are doing all the damage from the inside?

Woman with young skin

What actually makes us look young?

Our skin is actually the body's largest organ and elastin and collagen are the two proteins within the skin that keep it taught and youthful looking.

In simple terms elastin keeps your skin ‘elastic’, so that when you smile or frown or perform the millions of subtle movements through the various facial expressions every single day, it enables the skin to ‘spring back’ to where it originally was.

Basically elastin keeps the skin flexible and with plenty of ‘recoil’.