How Quitting Sugar Eased My Endometriosis Symptoms

Updated: May 23, 2019

Most of us know just how important eating the right diet is for our health. However, most of us decide to tune out the unfortunate truth about our sweet tooth and continue to plough through the naughty treats.

This was certainly the case with me especially when it came to anything sugary.

I ate healthily most of the time, so my thinking was a little sugar and a few treats surely couldn’t harm, right?

This is what I liked to tell myself… until my endometriosis diagnosis put me on a journey that forced me to learn more about sugar and its direct negative effects on the disease.

And it was only when the symptoms of my endometriosis became unbearable, resulting in the first of several operations, did I look to my diet in a desperate attempt to reduce my endometriosis pain, and which ended up being the single most important reason for me creating the Make Me Sugar Free blog and program.

Everything I researched and learned from the experts, made it very clear I had to give up sugar, and so, after several attempts, I did.

And without doubt, quitting sugar has helped me enormously, helping to reduce multiple painful symptoms caused by endometriosis.

If you’re reading this, you too most likely suffer from endometriosis or know someone who does. You may be at the stage I was a few years back desperate for a cure or just a momentary reprieve from the constant pain.

woman suffering from endometriosis holding her stomach

I really hope that by sharing this blog and telling my story about healing many of my endometriosis symptoms through my diet, that it helps you and sets you on the road to your healing and recovery.

Who gets endometriosis?

Endometriosis is the kind of disease that you only ever hear of if you have it or someone close to you has it. This is despite an estimated 1 in 10 women suffering with it.

Many women who have it may not even realise they do because it’s often misdiagnosed as IBS, gall-stones or just ‘heavy periods’. Women with endometriosis will no doubt suffer agonising pain that can flair up without any rhyme or reason - pain so intense that it can effect their lives dramatically.

Many women end up losing their jobs due to time taken off work and relationships end because sex becomes too painful.

Friendships can fall by the way side because it’s hard to socialise when you’re in agony and suffering from chronic fatigue, which is another unfortunate symptom of the disease.

It can be a desperately lonely condition because so few people really know about it and the there’s the common misconception its just period pain. When you’re in the grips of it’s worst symptoms with no pain relief, it can truly feel like your whole world is turned upside down.

In a strange way, there's a part of me that's grateful for having endometriosis, aside from being very humbling, it has literally changed the course of my life and has made me pay attention to health and nutrition on a whole new level.

Although I’ve always loved food and cooking, I often ate the for the sake of eating ‘filling the hole’, now I eat for optimum health to get more and more out of my body and truly nourish and fortify it.

Don’t get me wrong, would I take endo over not having it? Of course not. But like many women who have it, when you live with something as all-consuming as this condition, you learn a lot about yourself.

I have also learned to look after and care for myself self, and eating healthily is a big part of that. For instance, I always looked at sugary treats as a reward well deserved after a long week… but when you know the facts that excess sugar acts like a poison in our bodies, you realise that it's no reward at all. So instead of focusing on ‘giving’ up sugar, I chose to view it as liberating myself from it’s addiction and noxious side effects.

So, where do we begin with this endometriosis?

For starters girls and women are continuously fobbed off, and in some cases have been told their symptoms are just ‘period pain’. There is an assumption that the symptoms must be over exaggerated, in their heads even.

Owing to the lack of knowledge around this disease, it’s true that many women have presented with their symptoms only to be told they have to get on with it like every other woman of period age.

But the truth is that the agony that endometriosis can cause is not just a ‘heavy’ or ‘painful’ period. It can be a negatively life changing disease that leaves many of it’s sufferers living a very miserable and painful life.

It can take anywhere between 3-8 years to be properly diagnosed and even with the diagnosis, this is by no means the end of the road for endo. It really is a devastating disease with little in the way of cure being offered from the medical professions.

Many GP’s still don’t have the first clue about it and those that may have experience of it will more often than not suggest a hysterectomy. And you don't just get endo in and around our reproductive organs, it can spread throughout the body to places like the lungs and even the brain.

So many women suffer from endometriosis - yet so little is known