How Much Sugar Is In Fruit? You Might Be Surprised!

While many of us might try to regulate our sugar intake by avoiding table sugar or foods and drinks with added sugars, there are other seemingly healthy culprits that might push you over your recommended daily sugar limit - fruits. Fruits are healthy as they possess crucial vitamins, fibres and antioxidants, but unfortunately, some of them have very high sugar content. This could explain why some people try to lose weight but end up gaining extra pounds even after sticking to their healthy diets.

Sugar in fruit is can be as significant as normal table sugar, and if you're trying to cut your sugar intake, it's important to keep an eye on everything you consume and determine the sneaky culprits. To understand how much fruits can jeopardise your journey to a sugar-free life, think about these two scenarios:

Woman offering an apple and a donut

Diet Example 1

Jane is a hardworking assistant, who likes to eat a healthy diet despite her busy schedule. In the morning she drinks a glass of almond milk alongside veggies and an apple. She likes to keep her diet balanced, ensuring she takes enough proteins, vegetables and fruits everyday. Since she is trying to lose weight, she limits her carbs and sugar intake.

After breakfast, she packs orange slices which she takes to snack on during the lunch break at work or mid-morning hours. At lunchtime, she will eat a sandwich or a healthy salad, alongside a glass of water, with a banana as a mid afternoon snack.

Dinner time is always packed with healthy goodies and she will prepare an assortment of healthy dishes including salads and healthy meat dishes. For dessert, she might eat a mango or another banana before retiring to bed. Sometimes she substitutes the mango or bananas with natural fruit juice.

Diet Example 2

Jim works as a creative in an advertising agency where deadlines are more important than a healthy meal. He eats what he can find, often on the go. In the morning, he'll grab a cup of coffee on his way to work and unlike Jane, he does not bother to eat fruit.

During the lunch hour, he'll take a large burger or deep fried chicken and a small (330ml) bottle of soda. At night, he might order for pizza and close the day with a beer from his fridge while watching TV.

So who eats the least sugar?

While Jane is obviously living a healthier lifestyle, her daily sugar intake is as high as, (or even higher than) Jim's. She avoids table or added sugar but the fruits she eats have surprisingly high sugar content. The apple she eats in the morning contains an estimated 10 grams of sugar. Her orange slices (if she slices a full orange) contain about 9 grams while each banana has 12 grams. A mango also contains around 12grams of sugar. In total, Jane consumes about 43grams of sugar through the fruits alone.

As for Jim, his small bottle of soda has 35 grams of sugar while his can of beer has surprisingly low