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Quick and Tasty Beetroot Hummus

I first started down the journey of trying to rid my endometriosis after being told my only cure was to have a hysterectomy. Well, that was a mammoth kick up the arse to explore new options!! And no, I never did have the hysto & I no longer have pain. I looked in to hormone health & in particular estrogen dominance.  This plays havoc with us - causing weight gain, skin eruptions, anxiety, sore boobs, migraine, mood swings...all while exacerbating endo & pcos symptoms.

I wrote an extensive blog about my experiences with end and how it prompted me to start my sugar free journey - you can read all about that here: How Quitting Sugar Eased My Endometriosis Symptoms.

Your liver is key to hormone health. It needs to be in good shape to perform properly & one of its many roles is to break down & remove used estrogen through the colon.  If your liver is not firing on all cylinders, estrogen may not be metabolized properly & can be reabsorbed back into the body & blood stream causing an estrogen dominance. This leads to all sorts of women’s health problems.

So what to do? I focus on eating liver supporting foods & try to steer clear from toxic foods that overload the liver (excess, refined sugar, transfats etc). One of my big dietary changes was to incorporate beetroot & a lot of it! It’s has long been touted as a liver savior. I juice it, make salads with it & make hummus with it too.

Some people don’t like the ‘earthy’ taste of beetroot, so this quick & easy hummus is a great way to mix it up with lots of other flavors.

I made this using:

Cooked organic beetroot Organic chickpeas Lemon juice Tahini Olive Oil Garlic Salt & pepper to taste

Whizz it all up together & serve with veggies & or GF seeded crackers.


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