Sugar Detox - Everything You Ever Need To Know

Updated: May 23, 2019

In a world that is saturated with sugar and processed food you may well have heard the term ‘sugar detox’ and wondered what it’s all about?

Why should you need to ‘detox’ from something as innocent as sugar? It’s not like it’s alcohol? Or tobacco? Or even drugs…is it?

How much are you eating? What is it doing to you? Can you stop? Why do people do the 21 Day Sugar Detox Program?

Well read on, because you might be surprised!

There are literally millions of people around the world who are addicted to sugar, and most simply have no idea just how deeply they are dependent on the stuff. Because sugar is everywhere, and comes packaged in bright sweet wrappers, fun looking boxes of cereal, cool bottles and cans of soda or tempting looking packs of cookies and cakes, it has just become an everyday part of our normal daily lives.

People consume it daily in so many different forms without giving it a single thought, completely unaware that they may have a sugar addiction.

a hand refusing a bottle of cola

But once you get past all of the obvious ‘sweet’ foods and drinks, you might be surprised where else you can find sugar, and you may well be eating it without even knowing, because it also hides in places you might never expect.

Often sugar will be hidden in foods that claim to be ‘healthy’ like ‘low fat’ yoghurt, where the taste from the fat has been replaced with loads of sugar.

Or crunchy oat or nut bars that are filled with as much honey and sugar as a regular chocolate bar but are packaged to look ‘healthy’.

What about pasta sauces? Or chicken tikka massala? Or salad dressing, cheese biscuits and bread?

The list goes on and on and if your diet consists of mainly processed foods then your sugar intake could be way, way over the healthy limit.

So if you think you might have an issue with sugar, and think that maybe you are eating too much and then you should consider doing a sugar detox.

But What Is A Sugar Detox?

In a nutshell, a sugar detox is the process of removing all forms of sugar from your diet, and therefore your body, over a brief period of time. The process enables your metabolism to recalibrate it’s tolerance to sugar whilst breaking any cycle of addiction that may be there.

Once the detox is complete, you will have removed any cravings for sugar as well as resetting your palate - so much so that even a small amount of fruit or sugar will now taste very sweet, making it far more difficult to eat large amounts of sugar.

A sugar detox basically resets our bodies back to how we were hundreds and thousands of years ago, when sugar was extremely scarce and when we barely consumed it.

And why did we barely consume it? Because A) it was very hard to find and B) our bodies simply don’t need it! But more on that later…

Who Should Do A Sugar Detox?

Anyone who thinks that they may have a problem with too much sugar in their diet should consider a sugar detox to prevent both short and long term negative health effects.

It’s very easy to eat more than the recommended amounts of sugar without even knowing it because there is so much sugar hiding in our foods now.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend no more that 25g (7tsp) of sugar for a woman and 35g (9tsp) for a man. Anything over that amount on a regular basis and you will start to suffer from the many health issues that sugar can cause.

sugar cubes

So if you think you might be eating too much, especially on a regular basis, then you really should consider a detox.

And if the thought of not eating sugary sweets, treats and snacks makes you feel uncomfortable then you may have a problem with sugar.

If you often eat whole packets of sweets or biscuits, or if you feel sick or guilty about your eating habits, sugar may well have more of a hold over you than you think.

I have a blog post here that goes into more detail about some of the telltale signs that suggest yo might be addicted to sugar: Are You Addicted To Sugar - Easy Ways To Tell.

And even if you do think you have an issue with sugar, don’t worry, there are literally millions of people around the world who have become dependent on sugar, so even if you do need to do a detox, you’re not alone!