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Sugar Free Crunchy Granola & Grated Apple Chia Brekkie

Sugar Free Crunchy Granola & Grated Apple Chia Brekkie

I love granola, but try finding a sugar free one! So many shop bought granolas are full of sugar, syrups and when trying to find a healthier option, they can be really pricey.

When you’re trying to cut sugar out of your life, breakfasts for some people can be a real problem area because cereal is such an easy 'go to' in the morning - and most of them are loaded with sugar. There’s no faff and cereal's are quick and easy.

Sugar Free Crunchy Granola & Grated Apple Chia Breakfast

They’re also one of the causes of sugar spikes and crashes throughout the day. If you load up on added sugar in the morning you'll get a guaranteed energy slump later that morning, which you will more than likely fix with more junk. This is the sugar addiction cycle that can leave you with bouts or lethargy throughout the day.

Infographic showing the stages of the sugar addiction cycle

Breakfast is such an important meal and really sets us up for the day, in either a good or bad way. Eating the right type or foods at the start of the day will keep your blood sugar levels nice and even throughout the day, without cravings later on.

I have written more blogs here and here going into more detail about how and why you might be getting sugar crashes later in the day, leaving you feeling exhausted.

Infographic showing how your blood sugar levels fluctuate based on what you eat in the morning

So the good news is, you can still have your cereal but a fabulous tasting one filled with fibre, healthy filling fats and made with great, nutritious whole foods. That’s deffo worth getting up for!

This recipe is so easy to make and you’ll know exactly what’s in it & can avoid the hidden sugars that so many shop bought ones are laced with.

I make up a big batch of this - and really the oven does the hard work while you sit back and breathe in all the gorgeous, homely smells. I love having lots of granola in the cupboard so I can top my chia puddings with it.

Sugar Free Crunchy Granola & Grated Apple Chia Breakfast

For a really simple favourite granola & chia pudding breakfast, I make the chia pudding with 3 tbsp of chia, add oat milk, cinnamon & grated apple leave it over night in the fridge then top with granola & a sprinkle of gojis & sour cherries. It’s a brilliant breakfast if you're pushed for time because you’ve already done all the hard work the night before. 

Sugar free granola recipe:

3 cups Rolled oats 

1/2 cup of mixed seeds

1 cup mixed nuts - pecan & cashew

1/3 coconut flakes

3 x tablespoon coconut oil

1 x tablespoon vanilla

1 x tablespoon cinnamon

1/2 tsp cardamom 

Pinch salt


Melt the coconut oil in a large heavy based pan then add the ingredients. Stir well so all the ingredients are coated in the coconut oil. Cook for 5 mins then transfer to an oven dish and cook in the oven on 170 for 20 mins (or until golden and crunchy). Remove from the oven & let it cool down fully. Store in a airtight container.

It's that simple - a gorgeous, healthy & nutritious & sugar free breakfast to power you through the day.

There are so many benefits to cutting down on excess sugar, including weight loss, increased energy levels, clearer skin, better sleep and well as reduced chances of getting a whole host of illnesses. I have written a blog here - 17 Amazing Things That Happen When You Quit Sugar.

There are lots of blogs on this website full of tips and advice on cutting down on your sugar intake and if you would like to take part in my 21 Day Sugar Detox you can sign up here.


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