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Sugar Free Snickers Bars

RSF, V & Gluten Free

sugarfree snickers bars

When I first went sugar free there were definitely things I missed and one of them was the occasional Snickers. But ike everything else on this sugar free journey, I discovered the homemade versions is often far nicer and a lot healthier.  

In my 21 Day Sugar Detox Program, I explain all the different names that sugar masquerades as and all the names you may not think is actually sugar. One of those offenders is high fructose glucose syrup (HFGS) that can can be found In most shop bought confectionary.  

There’s growing research linking HFGS to a number of degenerative diseases including: Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity and high blood pressure. Making your own treats is the best way to avoid refined sugar, HFGS and similar cohorts found in most processed sweets.

sugarfree snickers bars before the sugarfree chocolate is added

You can sweeten with fibre dense ‘food’ instead that your body is much better able to metabolise, that aren’t harmful t your gut health and will hello prevent the blood sugar roller coaster.

sugarfree snickers bars with sugarfree melted chocolate added

Now for the good stuff, you can make your own version of snickers using whole foods and healthy ingredients:


Nougat Base: 1/2 cup smooth nut butter 4 medjool dates Splash oat milk 2 tbsp coconut flour

Caramel nut filling: 12 medjool dates 1/3 cup of wears water 1/3 teaspoon vanila extract 1 tablespoon melted coconut oil Pinch salt

Good handful of peanuts or any other nuts you’d prefer.

1 bar sugarfree chocolate


1. Whizz together the nougat ingredients in a processor, when all combined, empty the mixture to a tray (it should have a thick gloupy consistency, flatten it out an pop in the freezer to set 2. Add all the caramel ingredients to the food processor except for the peanuts, and whizz. 3. When the nougat is set, add the caramel layer on top and sprinkle on the peanuts. Pop in the freezer again to set. 4. When set, remove from the tray and cut in to slices. 5. Melt the dark chocolate and drizzle over the slices. Retain to the freezer for chocolate to set. 6. Eat and enjoy friends and family… or by yourself when set.

There are so many benefits to cutting down on excess sugar, including weight loss, increased energy levels, clearer skin, better sleep and well as reduced chances of getting a whole host of illnesses. I have written a blog here - 17 Amazing Things That Happen When You Quit Sugar.

There are lots of blogs on this website full of tips and advice on cutting down on your sugar intake and if you would like to take part in my 21 Day Sugar Detox you can sign up here.


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