Sugarfree Cherry and Almond Mini Meringues

These healthy mini-meringues are made with no added sugar & are gluten free. They have a beautiful nutty almond & date base, filled with a cherry & chia jam & topped with a sugarfree cloud of fluffy meringue. The base is made with almond, Brazil nuts, hemp seed, dates & vanilla all whizzed together.

The cherry filling is made with fresh cherries, @chiabiaseed chia and cinnamon cooked down in to a jam. The meringue was whipped up using @drcoys GM free & organic stevia in place of sugar.

Easy enough to make & worth every second of the process because they taste so good & are a wonderful sugarfree version of the loved meringue.


Base 15g hemp seeds 1/4 cup almond flakes 40g Brazil nuts 1/4 cup almond flour 1/2 cup rolled oats 5 dates Splash of vanilla Splash of oat milk

Filling 300g chopped cherries (fresh to frozen) 1 tsp Cinnamon 3 dates 3 tablespoons of chia

Meringue 4 x egg whites 3 x tbsp Dr Coys organic & GMO free stevia (or use a sweetener of your choice) 1 tbsp cream of tartar


1. Pre heart the over to 180 2. Whizz up all the base ingredients until well combined, then line individual cases with the base and smooth out up the sides of the case. Then pop in the oven for 15 minutes 3. In a sauce pan, add the cherries, splash of water, cinnamon and dates and gently stew.  When stewed, allow to cool then add to a processor and whizz. Then add the chia seeds and leave to set for 15/20 mins until the mixture thickens up in consistency. 4. Take the bases out the oven and leave too cool. 5. Add the egg whites to a mixing bowl and whisk until stiff peaks form, then add in the sweetener and cream of tartar and gently fold in until well combined. 6. Fill the cherry mixture & top with the meringue.  Place in the oven & bake for 15/20 mins on 160/170 heat or until the meringue turns a golden brown.

Check out the rest of my website for more healthy recipes with no added sugar, along with help and advice on living a low or no sugar lifestyle. And if you would like to experience all of the benefits of a sugar detox you can sign up to my 21 Day Sugar Detox here.


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