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The 7 Stages of Sugar Withdrawal - And Why It’s SO worth it!

Updated: May 23, 2019

As tasty as sugar may be, it comes with a whole host of dodgy health issues and unfortunately it's not so easy to just stop eating the stuff. In fact, in lab tests, it has been shown to be as addictive as cocaine!

So maybe it’s time you gave sugar the heave ho by joining my 21 Day Sugar Detox Program and finally break that addiction with all the help and support you need? Wouldn’t it be great to not be a slave to sugar anymore?

And just think about all of the health benefits, including weight loss, better skin, reduced chances of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease?

Woman craving chocolate

And because sugar can have quite a hold over us - and sometimes doesn’t like to let go too easily - my program fully prepares you for the whole process. I’ll hold your hand the whole way, ensuring you come out the other side feeling like a happier, healthier, whole new you! So in the meantime, here’s what to expect when you finally decide to stop eating sugar.

1. This Is A Walk In The Park - I’ve Got This!

When you first quit sugar your body has no idea what’s happening… just yet. My video tutorials and program planner with have you fully prepared for what to expect and in great shape to deal with anything a sugar withdrawal might throw at you!

Powered on by the thought of finally breaking the cycle of sugar addiction you’ll be looking forward to a new life of freedom from sugar.

2. Oh My, I Need Sugar Now!!

...and then the cravings kick in. And sometimes they can kick in hard!!! You want - no - NEED sugar, and you need it NOW! But have no fear, my 21 Day Detox Program will have you set up like a ninja ready to deal with the cravings with a combination of nutritious diet, healthy snacks, mental preparedness and guided meditation.

The meals plans have been scientifically prepared to include all of the vitamins and minerals known to keep cravings at bay - I've been here before and I know how to deal with this!

So hang in there, you know this won’t last, and with every craving you conquer we're getting you one step closer to a new, healthier, happier you!

3. What Is This!? A Hangover?

You might get the odd headache. You might get a few aches and pains.

You might feel like you were out partying all night. These symptoms shouldn't last long, and if you are following the 21 day detox plan, just like the cravings, we’ll have you fully prepped with meals and a nutritious diet plan that have you covered to prevent any suffering!

This won't last long and the great thing is you know it's all worth it. If sugar withdrawal can make you feel this crappy then it really can't be that good for you - right!?

4. I’m OK… No I’m Not… Yes I Am!

Would you class yourself as moody? (Maybe you don’t but your mates do!) Either way, all of the effects of denying your body the fructose it craves could cause a few grumpy moments.

But remember, all of the small sugar crashes you’ll have been experiencing will have been affecting your moods for years without you realising it! So the odd mood swing here and there while you finally quit sugar is worth it.

The guided meditations included in the program will ease you through I'll be there to hold your hand all the way with my daily video tutorials. And trust me, you're going to feel over the moon once you get through this!

5. Hang In There… You’re Already An Expert At This

Believe it or not, all of these sugar withdrawal symptoms are just slightly heightened version of the effects you’ll already have been experiencing on an almost daily basis - possibly for years and years if you eat a lot of sugar.

Your daily sugar crashes and cravings have had you on a permanent cycle of dependence, giving you headaches, making you feel tired and generally making you feel run down.

So stick with the program, you’ll have everything you need, and before you know it, you’re going to be the boss of sugar!!

6. Ooooh. This Is Starting To Feel Good...

It may take just a couple of days or it may take you a few weeks, but soon enough you are going to start to feel like a whole new you.

There are SO many benefits to quitting sugar (you can read about them all in my blog here 17 Amazing things That Happen When You Stop Eating Sugar), so now you can really start smiling!

And now you'll finally understand what all the fuss is about and realise just how much better you life can be sugar free!

7. Sugar? What Sugar!? I’m Top Of The World Baby!!!

This is it!! Twenty one days in and you are finally free! You're not an addict.

You are no longer a slave to sugar, meaning you make healthy food choices based on your own sensible decisions rather than as a result of an addiction and a craving.

No mid afternoon energy slumps, no more headaches, no more tiredness or cravings. Instead you'll have more energy, better sleep, clearer skin. It's all good - the only thing you might be wondering now is why it took you so long to take back control!!

Is it time you for you to kick the sugar habit and become the person you always could be, free from a sugar addiction? Join my 21 Day Sugar Detox Program here!


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