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What If I Fall Off The Sugarfree Wagon?

Woman craving sugar

Does this sound familiar?

OK, so maybe you’ve managed to kick the sugar habit, you’re doing well, you’re feeling more in control… then wham! You lose control, you grab a bar of chocolate while you’re paying for your petrol, and you’ve fallen off the wagon.

There are all sort of times and places that we can fall foul of temptation and crumble whilst trying to quit sugar.

If you really are a sugar addict then temptation can come at you from any angle, any time, any place.

We live in a world where sugar is constantly sold to us on TV, magazines, online, billboards, newsagents, supermarkets.

It’s hard to escape from temptation and so we really shouldn’t feel too bad about ourselves if we do fall off the wagon, it’s not the end of the world!

It's a lot easier for someone to stop smoking in some ways, all they have to do is not buy cigarettes, put them in their mouth and light up. The problem you have when trying to kick the sugar habit is that we all have to eat! And sugar is everywhere!!!

You've battled so hard agains the cravings!

So, you fallen off the wagon. You may feel sick.

Sick because you have gorged on something sweet, or sick at yourself for succumbing to the demon sugar, but don’t worry - sometimes we need to know what we don’t want in order to know what we do want.

Sugar withdrawal can sometimes be a tough nut to crack, but the health benefits of quitting sugar far outweigh the few discomforts you may temporarily suffer.

A lot of the health risks associated with a high sugar diet can be a lot more permanent!

lots of multicoloured sweets

Be honest with yourself

So, take in the moment, how do you feel about yourself?

Is this how you want to live, as a slave to a chemical?

As a slave to something that will control your moods, your eating, your energy levels, your mental clarity, possibly for ever!?

I think not!

So, just let this pass, chalk it down to experience, pick yourself up and start again.

It certainly doesn’t mean all of your good work is undone, it merely shows you how much of a hold this stuff has over you.

Let it make you stronger and more determined, and every time you fall off the wagon, you will get back on it, more powerful, more determined, more disciplined - tell yourself you will not let sugar win no matter how bruised and battered it may leave you!

If you would like to quit sugar and regain control of your food choices you can transform your life with my 21 Day Sugar Detox Program.


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