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What Is Sugar Free February?

It’s that time of year again! Cancer Research UK are once again running their Sugar Free February program, which gives you the chance to give up sugar for a month and raise money at the same time to fund life-saving research. Not only is this fantastic way to raise money for an amazing cause, but reducing your sugar intake also has great health benefits, many of which I talk about on this website.

Why not give it a go, there's plenty of information about quitting sugar on their website and of course you can use the tips and recipes on this site to help you through the process.

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By giving up sugar for the whole of February (and don't forget, it's the shortest month of the year at only 28 days!) I promise you'll feel amazing at the end of it, with more energy, clearer skin and a whole host of other health benefits. To get more of an idea about the benefits of quitting sugar I have written a blog here outlining 17 Amazing things that happen when you stop eating sugar.

If you fancy giving it a go, there are also lots of fundraising tools and ideas on the Cancer Research UK website which can help supporters smash their target by following this link here.

There really are so many benefits to cutting sugar out of your diet, and remember that doing a sugar detox doesn't mean you can never eat sugar again, it's simply a process of resetting your habits and metabolism in order to break any sugar addiction you might have.

For even more information or to sign up for Sugar Free February you can follow this link.

If you are thinking of quitting sugar then February is a great time to do it as not only will you benefit from cutting sugar from your diet, but you could also raise money for a great cause too!


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