Will I Lose Weight If I Stop Eating Sugar?

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

We’ve been told for years that it’s the fat in our food that is making us pile on the pounds, which has led to a massive ‘low fat’ food industry. But what if I told you that it may not be the fat after all, and that the secret to losing weight might be eating less of the sweet stuff?

Although there are so many benefits of cutting sugar from your diet, one of the benefits people often talk about is losing weight. Weight loss is often a side effect of a sugar detox, and for pretty much everyone who does one, it’s usually a positive side effect.

So why does sugar make you fat?

First off, we don’t actually need sugar in our diets to survive, and it’s only very recently that the stuff has become such a huge part of everyday life.

We have been on this planet as humans for a round 200,000 years, and until around a hundred years ago, we didn’t really have much sugar in our diets at all.

The only way anyone could eat sugar was by eating fruit, berries or very rarely honey. And to get to those fruits or berries or honey would often use up a lot of energy. Plus, as fruit and berries are seasonal, they weren’t around for long.

Woman pinching her waist fat

So it’s no wonder that our bodies were designed to take the sugar from that fruit, those berries or that bit of honey and store it as fat, which could be used as energy at a later date.

Fast forward to today, and we have sugar thrust into our diets from every angle, and of course it takes absolutely no effort at all to buy it and eat it. And this is why obesity figures are skyrocketing!

So why have we been told it's the fat making us fat?

For years the sugar industry has been trying to cover up the connections between sugar and heart disease and obesity. Documents uncovered in recent years show that since the 1960's they have paid scientists play down these links and put the blame on saturated fats, in the same ways that the tobacco industry tried to cover up the health issues of smoking.

How does sugar make you fat?

Almost all types of sugar are made up or roughly 50% glucose and 50% fructose - this includes white table sugar, honey, high fructose s