Can I Eat Bread When I Quit Sugar?

With bread being such a staple of many diets I often get asked “Can I eat bread when I quit sugar?” Well the short answer is yes. And no. Let me explain…

A wholemeal loaf and a knife

A sugar detox is designed to rid the body of all types of sugar, so that you can break any sugar addiction cycles and free yourself from sugar cravings. These cravings are in part due to the dopamine released when we eat sugar, making it feel good to eat it, and also in part due to blood sugar level fluctuations causes by foods with high sugar content.

It’s this second reason where bread comes in.

As a rule, most breads are generally low in sugar content - although you’d be surprised just how many innocent looking loaves actually contain sugar.

But it’s not necessarily the sugar as such that can cause problems, it’s more likely to be the type of flour that the bread is made from. White bread is made from processed flour with none of the wholegrain, making it a ‘simple carb’.

These types of carbs are very quickly converted into glucose when you eat them, causing a blood sugar spike in the same way that sugary foods might. Insulin is released to level out the blood sugar levels, but overcompensates, resulting in a low blood sugar level.

When this happens, the brain sends signals get get the blood sugar levels back up, which we experience as cravings. Your brain is desperate for another quick source of glucose for the bloodstream and what could be quicker that something sweet?

In contrast, if you eat brown, wholemeal bread that uses the whole grain, there is no sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Wholegrain is a ‘complex’ carbohydrate and takes far longer to digest and thus convert into glucose, resulting in a steady, even blood sugar level. And without the rollercoaster rise and fall, you won’t experience cravings.

So can you eat bread on a sugar detox?

During a sugar cleanse I always suggest that you cut out all white grains, so that means no white breads, pastas or pastries. Eat healthier breads instead which won’t spike your blood sugars and

What are the different types of bread you should eat on a sugar detox?