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Sugar Free Chilli Chocolate

Pieces of sugarfree chilli chocolate

Homemade chocolate is so simple to make. I used a silicone mould and just 5 ingredients.

These little babies are so dark, rich and bitter, with a nice spicy kick - just one of these is plenty. They’re also a good way to ween off chocolate. You get the hit without all the sugar and excess nasties. The ingredients last for ages too, so you can make up lots of batches!


1 cup of organic cacao butter discs.

1 cup of good quality cocoa powder.

A pinch of dried and crushed, super fine chilli (I tried a fresh one, and just couldn’t get it chopped fine enough).

1 spoon monk fruit natural sweetener.

A pinch of salt.


I heated up the ingredients, mixed together and poured in to the mould.

Popped in the fridge for a couple of hours and there you have it homemade sugarfree chilli chocolate.

I served it with physalis & chilli purely for decorative purposes.

Check out the rest of my website for more healthy recipes with no added sugar, along with help and advice on living a low or no sugar lifestyle. And if you would like to experience all of the benefits of a sugar detox you can sign up to my 21 Day Sugar Detox here.


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