Why Do I Crave Sweets And Sugar In The Afternoon?

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Do you often feel compelled to eat or drink sugary foods, especially mid afternoon? Ever wondered why you crave a chocolate bar or sweets mid afternoon? That 3pm slump happens to millions of people around the world so you're not alone, but have you ever wondered why it happens?

For some people, making sober and healthy food or drink choices is easy, at least up until mid to late afternoon. For some reason, sugar cravings have a way of exacerbating just at the most tempting time of the day - and just when clean eating isn't at the top of our minds. How, then, can you suppress them for good?

Woman working at a computer and eating jelly sweets

Why Do I Crave Sweet Treats Mid Afternoon?

There are many lifestyle and physiological reasons for this behavior. Here are the mains reason that this happens.

1. Dropping sugar levels

Two things happen as the clock drags to 3 p.m: First, you get physically worn out as a result of your working day, even if it's sitting in your desk for hours and, secondly, your sugar levels naturally tend to slump as the day pans out. When physical tiredness and low blood sugar levels combine, the result is a significant and sudden dip in your energy levels.

But you still have tons of work to do, so you can't call it a day just yet no matter how low the energy level gets. So what do you do? Your brain tells you to implement a quick fix and keep working, and there is no quicker fix than a sugar-filled food or drink!

Your sugar and energy levels risel immediately after eating a chocolate bar, but the this energy is only temporary, thew artificial spike in blood sugar will result in a crash a few hours down the line, meaning you are craving for sugar all over again. So this trend continues until a bad habit is formed....

2. You picked up a bad habit.

Do you know what the worst thing is about a bad habit? Well, it is the fact that you will hardly notice it, so breaking away from it can be extremely tough. If you develop a routine of running to the vending machine for a chocolate bar or to the biscuit jar every day at 3 p.m, you will not even have to be tired or have a sugar slump to eat sugar. You might not notice the craving for it, because you will be doing it instinctively.

So take time to look at your daily eating habits and make sure you aren't eating too much sugar without even thinking about it.

3. You ate too little or too many calories.